Ticket Gripe is a simple online ticketing service which is a product of Innovadeous Pvt Ltd. As this platform is used by the event organizers, corporations & people who need online ticketing support. For a smooth, hassle-free support TicketGripe offers the latest ticketing system. Due to this we are ensuring strict terms and conditions both for the ticketing partners and the users who are registering for tickets via our platform.

We are requesting our partner organization and the users to follow the following rules as mentioned.

Terms For Becoming a Partner
  • -For any kind of event online ticketing you need to register into our platform
  • -The participant/register guest data should not be shared to any other party in no means.
  • -The data you receive from the event participant will not be used for remarketing for other events.
  • -All the content of the event is the sole responsibility of the event organizer. In case of any changes or mis-match in the event schedule, event organizer will be the ultimate liable.
  • -In case of any large scale or custom event booking system you need to contact our customer support team. For exporting the data of the event, you will be able to download the data in data format like .xls & .csv
  • -It is suggested that, as an event organizer you have to take all the responsibility of the event. In case of any change of schedule, time & format, event organizer will notify that person.
  • -After getting the access of the dashboard you can change any data you want. The responsibility of those changes should be bear by the event organizer.

Terms For People who book ticket

  • -It is the sole responsibility of the person who booked a ticket for the event. TicketGripe will not take any kind of responsibility for that issue.
  • -TicketGripe will not notify you if the event got canceled or schedule changes.
  • -TEvent organizer receives the rights to call, sms and email you about the event without your consent.
  • -In case of any unauthorized event organized by the event organizer, TicketGripe will not take the charge of that.
  • -As TicketGripe is an online ticketing platform, we do not have any selling agent or ticketing partner. So, if anyone offered you such an offer it is suggested not to take such an offer.
  • -TicketGripe will not charge more from you rather than the ticket price.
  • -Though we follow the highest security protocol for securing your data, sometimes your data may be leaked by the event organizer. If you think it happened please notify us immediately.

We request all event participant, users to follow the best practice of the online ticketing and the rules and suggestions we are giving you here.