As ticket gripe is an online ticketing platform, we are strictly focused on keeping the privacy of the users private. That is why we imposed several measures to keep the data private in all cases. At the time of registering in our platform as a ticketing partner, you will receive all the access to make the changes you need to do for your event or ticketing. As most of the data you will receive is personally identifiable, it is recommended not to sell, share or collaborate these data with any third-party without any personal consent of the registrant.

For the safety of the data and tracking of the customer registration we are suggesting you to follow the following terms:

  • -We respect the privacy of our customers. If you choose us as a ticketing partner, we suggest you preserve the data within you. None of the data should be shared, sold or transferred to others. If anything found like this, we will take legal action for that.
  • -Any certain change of plan or event date will be the responsibility of the event organizer. TicketGripe will not be responsible for that. It is the responsibility of the event management team to notify the register participent.
  • -All the content uploaded for the event ticket registration will be done by the event organizers. Any content related to the event will not be the liability of TicketGripe.
  • -As we are an online platform, all the data is preserved into the cloud. If any issue happened to the data get fragmented, TicketGripe will not take responsibility for that.
  • -If you think that, your data security has been breached by any of the event organizers who offer tickets via our ticketing platform should be noticed to us immediately. Please convey your concern about that via our official support email. Our email is:
  • -We strongly follow our terms and services for providing our services. Any violation of those rules will be subject to suspend your account.

Any information, news, notice published on the web except our official website/pages about TicketGripe are requested to get verified about that via TicketGripe. For any kind of latest update about service, price or other legal issues, we are requesting our users to know about those things from our office or customer support.