Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I cancel the event any time?
    Yes of course. As an organizer you have the right to cancel the event on our platform from ticketing. The persons who are registering for your event then need notification of that cancelation. TicketGripe will not be liable for notifying the registered persons.

  2. How many tickets can I offer via Ticket/platform?
    Actually there is no limitation of offering tickets. Event organizers can offer any number of tickets as per their capacity. If any organizer will offer any unimaginable number for any event is subject to verify by the team of TicketGripe. If any fishy thing is happening in the number of tickets, the account of that organizer will be banned.

  3. Should I need to upload the exact image size for event cover/event photo?
    The dimension we have added in the event description is the fixed dimension of event image. Any large or smaller image will not be approved.

  4. How many numbers of tickets can I offer via TicketGripe?
    There are no limitations of ticket offering as a event organizer. You can put all your event tickets on our platform if you can accommodate all those participants.

  5. Can I withdraw my event anytime?

    Yes, As an organizer you have the right to withdraw the event anytime. But for that you have to notify those who have booked your ticket via our platform.

  6. Should I need to pay for registering an event?
    Actually we are not charged any fee in current times. But for our premium package you need to buy credit as per our package pricing.

  7. How can I pay for registering my event?
    If the ticket needs to be booked by paying the fee of the ticket then we have all kinds of available adoption for that. At the same time, if the event organizer wishes for any specific payment option then you need to use that.

  8. In which format will I get the ticket from TicketGripe?
    We have 2 available options for downloading the data of the TicketGripe. Both of them are spreadsheet platforms. One is .xls/ .csv or direct pdf print

  9. Can I manage the event from my dashboard?
    You will all the registered participant data in the ticket database. You can also download the data as in spreadsheet format or you can directly print from the website for your use.

  10. Can I delete the event from my TicketGripe?
    In case your event got canceled for any unwanted event you can delete the event from the dashboard. But for that you need to notify all of your registered event participants.